How to Improve Your Entryway


The entryway of the home is critical. When looking to sell your home fast, for the most value possible, it is obvious that your home should have excellent curb appeal, as you want to give a buyer a reason to want to see whats inside. But, what about after you get them in the door?

The second most important thing after curb appeal is the first impression the buyer gets when they walk into the home. Like the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

So, while curb appeal gets buyers in the door, sellers who want to move their homes quickly need to take other steps. Staging a house adds instant appeal to to a buyer, and will determine how fast your home sells. However, you should only devote your time and money to renovations that’ll bring you a return. Here are some simple DIY ways to improve your home.

Improve your landscape
Consider adding some color into the yard. Bright flowers go a long way, or and sometimes sticking to all white for a classier look is a better choice. The color options when choosing flowers should be decided by examining the yards of other homes in your neighborhood. Also be sure to inspect your lawn carefully. Perhaps there are patches of grass that need to be refilled, or mulch is looking bare in certain areas. These are quick fix things that shouldn’t be overlooked Also be sure to throw away broken pots, and get rid of any dying potted plants. e2b30e383db091135bbd0d96fc3ea67a

Front Door
Buy a new front door or paint the old one. If your house number and mailbox are looking tired, replace them. A bright front door is a great way to attract attention. Be sure when selecting a color, that it matches the theme or style of the home. Remember, you want to achieve positive attention to your home, not negative.

A doormat is one of the first things a buyer sees when they walk into a home. Consider buying a new doormat, as this can surprisingly make an impact. If the porch is somewhat bland, add a bold colored or busy printed doormat. If the exterior is already full of fresh, bright flowers, consider a neutral solid or modest print.

The entryway walls should be freshly painted with a color that exudes a warm welcome. Stay away from bold, bright colors. Every buyer is different, but most will not appreciate the eggplant walls in your bedroom as much as you do.

If the floor needs to be stripped, re-painted, or need new wood altogether, be sure to tackle this. Floors are extremely important when considering a home. If you have dirty, stained carpet with hardwood floors underneath,pull up the carpet to expose fresh hardwood floors. kitchen-flooring

Mirrors can make all the difference in an entryway. As they reflect the other walls in the area, mirrors are an easy way to make the area look larger than it is. They don’t necessarily need to be expensive, they just need to do the job. If you have a large wall, do not put a smaller mirror as it will have the opposite effect.

Artwork is a critical detail that unfortunately, is often overlooked. It should not have misplaced, or crooked paintings. If there are any holes in the wall from previous artwork, it is simple to patch them up and touch up the paint afterward. The wall should look neat, and to scale. Just like the mirror trick above, if you put the wrong size artwork on a wall, it will have an opposite effect. If you have large walls, avoid hanging only a few small paintings. Remember, you don’t need to go shopping and buy all new art. A great alternative is to try stealing art from other rooms, and create a nice arrangement. There are great design blogs online that offer great ideas. The nice thing about this trick, is that it is a fun activity!

Updating the outdated
This does not necessarily mean that you need to entirely renovate a room. If you have a half-bath near the entryway, consider getting a new vanity or replacing an old toilet with a new one. Buyers love half-baths, and you should be sure it looks nice and up-to-date, as a buyer will flee to a half bath to look at it, as they are a large consideration in purchasing a home, as not all homes have one. If you do, this is the time to take advantage of it. In other rooms, such as the kitchen, the quick fix can be as simple as adding new hardware or switching faucets. mississauga-house-317

Change out light fixtures and plumbing fixtures. Gold light fixtures and faucets are extremely outdated, and brass is no longer a popular choice. Consider brushed nickel rather over the other options. These can add a modern touch, without breaking the bank.

Clarify any awkward spaces
If you have an odd wall or corner in the entryway, add a piece of furniture that shows buyers how the space will be used. Otherwise, they will see a strange corner or alcove and be confused about how to use the space, or if they can at all. If you don’t have any furniture that will achieve this, or will potentially make it worse, such as the photo below, a strong suggestion is to leave the area bare.

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  1. Hi Sarah. The entryway is EXTREMELY important when it comes to selling a house. Aside from what the buyer sees when they first walk in, the second thing they see is the entrance. This is critical, as it sets their mindset for what the rest of the home is like. Please be sure yours looks great!

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