Want To Sell Your House In No Time? You’ve Got To Make A Great First Impression. Here’s How To Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal And Entryway


There’s almost nothing like a gorgeous entryway; especially when you’re trying to sell your home. The entryway can be one of the major selling points; if you’ve got a grand entryway in your home, you’ve already got a leg up. However, even if you don’t have an open, large entryway, there are still things you can do to make it look its best. The entryway is the most important chance you have to make a good impression on your buyers, second only to curb appeal. After all, curb appeal gets them into the door, but the entryway keeps them there. You must do your best to stage the entryway. Of course, the amount of staging you’ll need to do will depend on the size of it. Here are ways that you can get your home to sell faster, by improving curb appeal and your entryway. See: Enhancing Entryways.

The first tip is to improve your landscaping design. Or at the minimum, make sure the lawn is mowed and that there isn’t any trash in the front. Be sure to not have your car in the driveway when buyers come to see the house; it’s better for them to pull up and park in your driveway; this will allow them to feel as if the home could one day be “theirs.” When planting flowers, try to keep your lawn in sync with the neighbors. If the neighbors all have dead plants in their front yards, it doesn’t make sense to shell out hundreds of dollars on new, beautiful plants. Better to just have your lawn manicured.

e2b30e383db091135bbd0d96fc3ea67aThe next tip is to either purchase and install a new front door altogether, or paint the one you’ve got. Buy new street address numbers and door knockers if yours are old and worn. Consider painting the front door a bold color to make a lasting impression. Read: Improve Curb Appeal: Entryway Improvements.

You’ll never regret buying a new doormat. A new doormat can instantly change the look of the home from the outside. Especially if it is a bold color. You want the outside of the home to be neutral, but to add pops of color with the porch furniture, door mat, and plants. On the flip side, you don’t want your porch to be cluttered with way too much furniture, too many pots, and other outdoor accessories. This will have the opposite effect on the buyer.

Your entryway should be painted in a neutral color. Always steer clear of any crazy colors. Now isn’t the time to experiment with the color wheel. If your floors need to be stripped, sanded, and re-finished, do so. It will make a big impression on the buyer. Hardwood floors sometimes can be why a buyer will choose a particular house. It can also be why they won’t pick a particular house, if the floors need to all be redone.

Add mirrors, and incorporate artwork. Mirrors make a small space look larger; however, only if you use a large one. Don’t ever put a small mirror in a large space, as it will have a counter-effect, and not a good one. Arrange art in a neat, creative way. But don’t have it all over the place. It should look intentional, but not too blunt. Good luck! For further reading, see: Front Door Entry Ideas for Under $100.



  1. Hi Sarah. The entryway is EXTREMELY important when it comes to selling a house. Aside from what the buyer sees when they first walk in, the second thing they see is the entrance. This is critical, as it sets their mindset for what the rest of the home is like. Please be sure yours looks great!

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